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Wouldn’t You Like Me to Visit You After it has Rained – C. Van Wyk

Wouldn’t you like me to visit you
after it has rained
and the fragrance of the earth
is the same here
as where you are
and the billboards and factories
are wet
and there is no rainbow yet
but tiny ones squirm
on tarmac at garages
to compensate?

Wouldn’t you like me to visit you
after it has rained
or do you think of my raincoat
dripping onto your bathroom floor
like a weak bladder
and my shoes
making mud on your carpet?

Injustice – Christopher van Wyk

Me, I cry easily if you’re hurt
and I would’ve carried the crosses
of both the murderer
and the thief
if they’d’ve let me
and I’d’ve lived then.

I grasp helplessly at cigarettes
during riots
and burn my fingers

My nose has never sniffed teargas
but I weep all the same
and my heart hurts
aching from buckshot.

My dreams these days are policed
by a million eyes
that baton-charge my sleep
and frog-march me into a
shaken morning.

I can’t get used to injustice.
I can’t smile no matter what.

I’ll never get used to nightmares
but often I dream of freedom.