Category: On ways of being in the world

Shapeshifter soul

My soul wants to be bent and shaped
and moulded by life
eroded like a wind-blown rock
smoothed like a stone wedged into a river bed
under centuries of flowing.

She wants to be surprised
by the asking of each moment
the unfolding of its appeal
what will I be called to do?
can I meet this calling with Grace?

My soul wants to be opened
that my worldly imperfections,
and yours
become our beautiful.

My soul wants to be humbled.
But more than anything
she wants to watch the great mystery of life play out
like a curious child watching summer clouds in a crisp blue sky
shifting, forming shapes, dissipating
and forming new one’s again.

Each. A gift. A teacher. A death. And a new beginning.
Hilton, January 2013
© simone and all the world

A time to dance

There are rainbows
dancing on the walls of my house
light playing with light
Wind, encouraging it to dance

Out the window
the spring jasmine also
enchanted by the music of the wind
swirls and shakes with delight

The light and the jasmine
are effortless
welcoming of this musical gift
unafraid of its intensity
its changing
its parting
or if it will return
They know that now
it is a time to dance
and so they dance

Can I be so free spirited
that I simply dance to the music you bring?
To my world of pasts and futures
and what if’s and how’s and fears
past tears remembered

Can I be here, now
in this loveliness?

Like the wind, your every word
coaxes me there
ever closer to Rumi’s field
where we will meet
and dance

Hilton, September 2012
© simone and all the world

I want to be like the sun rising

I want to be like the sun rising
slow and steady, but
definite in its path
lighting the world on its way

I want to be like the seasons
like autumn inevitable
into winter and spring again
like the leaves gracefully falling
without resistance to their changing
colours, and
their ultimate end

I want to be like the sun setting
in bright pinks and reds and pale blue’s
turning the trees into their most beautiful
black shadow’s
in the evening light
© simone and all the world

mans place in the world

a man sits on a rock
legs outstretched and
crossed in front of him
he is earthy brown
with greying stubble
on his face

he sits on the rock
looking down
on the wide bending river
and a vast wilderness

there are giraffe browsing below
and birds calling
all around him
in a rising morning symphony

there is a giant sycamore fig
dwarfed below him

he sits on the rock
like a king might
looking over his land
in the early morning
feeling proud

he sits on the rock
looking down
at the fig
the river
the giraffe

the wilderness and the blue hills beyond

like a servant to its beauty
like a brother to its wild growing
like a father quietly knowing

iMfolozi Game Reserve, November 2010
© simone and all the world