Category: On words

Words DeLiCiOuS

For you word lovers and lovers in general

I love words
I love the way they travel from my brain
to my mouth
and slide off my tongue
through my lips
into your ear

I love the way they gather
on paper
to write a love song
a love letter
a poem to a lover
to you

I love them for the stories they tell
the comfort they bring
and I love the sting
of the true ones

I love the way they sit alone
on things
naming the owner

I love the way they tumble
mumble and fall
from drunken stained-red lips
the way they rest on my hips
when you tell me I’m beautiful

I love the way they sneak out
in a whisper
to tantalize and tell secrets

But big words scare me a little

I love nonsense words
naughty words
and slang words like ‘bru’
And swear words?
my friends will tell you

I love the energy of some words
and the stillness of others

I love words like cookie and creature and crunch
I love simple words like he and she and me
and you
I love you

But most of all
I love sexy words
like DeLiCiOuS and naked and fuck
me, I love words

© simone and all the world